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Over the past decade, the manner in which an organisation presents itself on social media platforms has grown ever more important. Mint offers a full suite of social media services, from strategy (platform selection, target audience research, etc.), through to design, customer interaction and day-to-day management to boost engagement as well as your visibility online. Establishing yourself on social media lets you reach out to new customers and build better relationships with the ones you already have.

The full social media suite.
Social Media Strategy

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Business card design
Logo design

Having a consistent, unique and appealing visual identity across on- and offline platforms is essential. Mint has the capabilities to design a full range of branding material to fit your specific requirements, and help you go from company to brand.

Logo creation & visual identity.
SEO and Data Analysis
Search engine optimisation &
data analysis.

Search engine optimisation is what makes or breaks your website. It goes unseen but has an immense impact on the visibility of your organisation. SEO tactics change everyday, and it is important to keep up in order not to get lost in the masses. At Mint, we evaluate your business goals together and optimise your website accordingly. From technical to on- and off page SEO, we guide you through the process while continuously measuring your success. We also track and analyse your traffic to get insights into your visitors' behaviour which helps you find out how to attract new customers.

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